5 Smart City Technologies to Create a Smarter City

5 Smart City Technologies to Create a Smarter City – Smart cities in big countries have been widely implemented by or even have implemented the smart city concept. Smart city means applying the latest technology to process the data of a city in order to improve the standard of living of its people. Then, what exactly is the technological composition of a city so that it can be called a smart city?

  • 1. Sensing

Using sensor and video device technology to collect all information in an area. Covers ground, sea and air conditions, and even space data if possible. Information is collected from all existing aspects with the aim of improving people’s lives through existing technology. The application of the information that has been collected also varies, such as predicting natural disasters, designing highways, finding “safe routes” in the event of a fire for firefighters, and predicting the occurrence of crime in a place.

  • 2. Authentication

Data obtained through sensing technology is reviewed periodically both from location and condition to be as valid as possible. Data validation is vital for smart city purposes, so high data processing speed and real-time data validation may be necessary.

  • 3. Monitoring

Information collected through sensing, authentication, control, and other conditions must be able to detect data anomalies. For example, if a data anomaly occurs, the system must be able to find the location where the data anomaly occurs, either with video or other data. Good data monitoring can prevent accidents, crimes, and protect smart city assets from natural disasters.

  • 4. Control

The monitored data is then analyzed in real time and controlled. For example, the use of air conditioning in a building can be maximized through information on the location and environment where people work who need it.

  • 5. Cloud Computing

Protection of information and data from the threat of natural disasters and accidents is an issue for every smart city. Cloud Computing provides space for all information that is stored and can be continuously used without having to be alert to various threats. Moreover, high access speed and flexibility make this information can be used anywhere.

To build a smart city, the five technologies must be well integrated. In its application, it may be quite complex because it must unite various parties. Moreover, some technologies are new and have not been controlled by the government. One way that can be used to implement this technology is by using third-party services or from companies that develop smart city technology. With the help of a professional third party, the application of these five technologies is no longer a problem.

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