Advertising in Telegram Messenger

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Advertising in Telegram Messenger is very important for business growth and that can make you more visible. But more importantly which method do you choose to advertise. The best choice is the most crowded platform and which has more audience than the others.

Social networking is an example of a high-efficiency advertising method. And Telegram is one of the most popular message carriers that you can have well and satisfy from your ad. Telegram has three ways to advertise the following we want to explain. Stay here.

Advertising Methods in Telegram

Advertising in channels:

You can advertise your products or services in a telegram in 3 ways. CPC, CPM, and every hour. In the CPM method, your post will remain the last post on the channel until it reaches the desired display. CPC method, your post will remain the last post of the channel before reaching the desired click. In the hourly method, your post will remain in the channel until the end of the agreed time. If you choose a popular channel, you have good advertisements on Telegram Messenger.

Advertising in groups:

In this method, you can face a large number of audiences, because the telegram group can turn Slot terbaru into supergroups. You can add unlimited members to the Supergroup. Because your message may be lost in a large number of messages, this method is not recommended. Aldo people may not pay attention to your message in the group. But also, you can create your group and add your target audience to it. You should notice that you can only add 50 members a day. If you use more lines (telegram accounts) your account will not be limited and blocked.

Advertising in private chat:

You can send your ad messages to people’s personal chats. The percentage of visibility in this method is high and make sure that your message will be seen because people are always open to messages sent to them personally. In this case, if you write an appropriate ad message, you will attract the audience to read your message completely. But you must pay attention to the Limitation of Daily Telegram Delivery. Because of this restriction, you cannot send messages to more than 50 foreigners (people who have not kept your number in their contacts and have not scored with you) a day. If you have to use more lines (telegram accounts), you can pass the telegram limit. So, it’s not easy to use many lines and send mass messages to people personally. It’s better to use tools to automate all these tasks.

Telegram Messenger

Which Tool We Can Use to Automate Advertising Activities?

As we said above, it is difficult and time-consuming the telegram manually and without any tools. These tools are software programs or bots and they can automate ad activities.

This can send a mass message to the group and personal chat and import the audience that you mean to the group without your telegram account being limited and blocked. In the following, we want to introduce these three bots and compare them.

  • Texsender
  • Telegram Auto
  • Virtual User

The TexsenderSoftware

If you want to send a telegram message from a computer easily and quite effectively to the person you want, this software is a suitable choice. Texsender has features that are useful for advertisements on Telegram and sending mass messages to several people. In the following, we want to talk about the reasons why this software is useful.

The TexsenderFeatures

  • You can invite members in large quantities to the group that you mean safely and quickly.
  • You can import the desired ID to your telegram contact.
  • You can send various content such as photos, videos, Link, and emojis with Textual Content.
  • You can send messages to people you haven’t saved their numbers in your contact
  • You can set delays between messages, to prevent restrictions.
  • You can send various content.
  • You can send messages to the list of IDs or numbers in question and the intended group.
  • It doesn’t have a tutorial about advertising on telegram messenger

The Telegram Auto Software

This software helps you have easier ads. You can deliberately advertise in telegram, using this software. That is, using this software, you can create your advertisement with the aim. The main task of telegram auto software is to extract members from your competitor group and add them to your business group. In this case, you can get more audiences to show or introduce your content and products. In the following, you can see this software feature.

Telegram Auto Software Features

Telegram Auto Software has the ability of:

  • Adding telegram members to groups and channels.
  • Extraction Telegram Group members.
  • Extraction of telegram channel members if you are the admin of the channel.
  • Send mass messages to members of the Telegram group.
  • Import telegram user IDs and send mass messages to telegram users for marketing.
  • This software cannot work with private groups.
  • This software works with API and your account will be recognized as a bot and this can be the reason your account is blocked and prohibited.

The Virtual User Telegram Bulk Message Sender Package

This package contains several bots for advertisements and sends mass messages on Telegram. Some of the most important and useful bots in this package are: Send messages to telephone numbers bots, extract group information (names, user names, etc.) BOT, send messages to IDs bot, etc. If you want to know more about the unique features of this package, stay with us.

Unique Features of the Virtual User Bot

This Bot has the ability to:

  • Send mass messages to the group
  • Send a mass message in a personal chat
  • Add members to the group
  • Advance the message
  • Extract group members and send targeted messages
  • Send a unique message to each user name or telephone number
  • Automatically switched between accounts
  • Pass the telephone number that is not in the telegram
  • Continue work from a place that has been packed (in execution)]
  • Provide a report on the completed assignments
  • Use an account that is secured with a 2 -step password
  • You can also benefit from the tutorial file in the package.
  • This bot does not use API


We explain the advertisements on the telegram and method in this article. We introduce you to three ways of advertising methods in telegram messenger and then tell you some of the most popular and most famous software.

In this article, we try to get acquainted with you by advertising on Telegram and now you can choose the best way to advertise in the telegram between these three methods.